Dead Simple Prototyping

For App Developers, Game Designers and mere mortals with an idea

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Making a game like - Angry Bird

Building a game like - Save The Totem

Making a level for the classic Mario

Benefits that you'll love

Quickly create physics enabled games

With Box2D integrated, you don't have to dig down to the messy API of Box2D. We've done all the hard work to give you a drag and drop interface. Simply drag the shapes from the Dynamic section and set static or dynamic property. That's it

Pick your game assets from anywhere.

With Filepicker.IO integrated, choose your game assets anywhere from the cloud, be it Google Drive, DropBox or your local images. As a bonus, you can even search for images in Google/Flickr from right within the image picker.

Create a large game world with Side-Scrolling

You game design demands a larger world like Mario or Jetpack Joyride? Done. Simply set the world size and continue using the Mixow editor for your level design. For such a platform game, we also support automatic side scrolling

Adding behavior to your game objects is easy

Plug-n-play behaviors into your game objects. Choose from an ever growing list of behaviors. Be it click behaviors, keyboard behaviors (selecting "Platform" will automatically hook "Up", "Left", "Right" keys to the game object) or even collision behaviors (triggers when the specified game object collides with another object with pre-defined material)

Create application mockups quickly

Create mockups for your mobile or web apps in minutes. Choose from a growing collection of mockup elements.

Create navigation through Hotspots

Add clickable hotspots to navigate between your app or game mockups

Share your prototype

When you focus on your game or app design, sharing and feedback is critical. Mixow helps you to share the clickable app or playable game prototype with rest of your team or client, so that you can iterate faster, deliver quality and keep everybody on the same page

Leave us your email below, and we’ll notify the minute we open the doors.

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